What Features Should You Look for in Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

What Features Should You Look for in Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

Features to look for in portable Bluetooth speakers include size, convenience and power source options. Some Bluetooth speakers also function as external batteries for audio devices and smartphones.

The size of the speaker determines portability and audio output. Larger speakers generally offer greater volume and bigger sound, while smaller speakers are more portable; however, there are small speakers that are specifically designed to offer big sound, so it is a good idea to read online reviews or test different models before making a decision.

Convenience is another important factor to consider when purchasing portable Bluetooth speakers. A good option comes with a protective case or bag to enhance portability. Connected or integrated handles are also convenient features. When possible, opt for a bag that is designed to let sound pass through it unobstructed.

Audio cables allow you to enjoy music when you're unable to use Bluetooth. Wired connections require much less battery power.

Lastly, power source is a major feature to consider in portable Bluetooth speakers. Most small speakers come with rechargeable batteries. AAA and AA batteries offer limited playtime; a speaker that uses an internal rechargeable battery is a better choice, and usually comes with a charging cable included.