What Are Some Features You Should Know When Learning OpenOffice?


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The important features to know when learning OpenOffice depend on the specific program within the software suite in question, though basic actions should include creating new documents, making basic edits and saving the file for future use. Specific features can include editing fonts and formatting in Writer, inserting formulas in Calc or inserting images into slides with Impress.

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OpenOffice is a suite of several free programs that allow users to complete general office processes such as word processing, creating spreadsheets, making presentations and drawing simple images. As each program has a specific and unique function, the important features to know when learning each may vary significantly. Despite the differences in each program, they all use the same basic layout for menus and a similar set of terminology that helps speed up the learning process. This identifying the File and Edit menus in the main navigation bar and understanding the process behind creating and saving files or copying and pasting content within the document.

One popular component of the OpenOffice suite is the Write program, which handles word processing. The most significant features of this program to know include the ability to change the font size and style for text and its various other formatting options. This includes indenting paragraphs, inserting bullet points and highlighting text.

Similarly, Calc is the suite's spreadsheet software and includes some of the same font formatting tools. Its most powerful feature is its ability to perform complex operations through the use of formulas, which take data from different cells to produce various results.

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