What Are Some Features of a Sharkk Battery Charger?


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Sharkk battery chargers come in two models: 10,000 mAh and 15,000 mAh. Both have duplicate features, but the 15,000 mAh has a longer battery life. Features include LED lights for power status and remaining charge, as well as a Micro USB input for recharging the power bank.

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Both models feature dual USB ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously. The 10,000 mAh model can recharge six iPhones fully or two to three Samsung devices. The 15,000 mAh model can recharge six iPhones fully or three to four Samsung devices.

The power bank on the 10,000 mAh takes five to six hours to recharge using a 2 Amp wall plug, the 15,000 mAh takes seven to eight hours. Both take roughly twice as long if charging through a computer or cellphone adapter.

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