What Features and Services Are Available on Free Assurance Wireless Lifeline Cell Phones?


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The Assurance Wireless Life Line cellular phone program offers a wide range of basic cell phone features for free. The available features to participants of the Assurance Life Line program include domestic calling, including international, text, voice mail, and Internet access via a service provider network or Wi-Fi connection.

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The basic features of a typical Assurance Life Line phone include 500 talk minutes per month with unlimited text messaging, as well as a voice mailbox feature. The free cell phones for the Assurance Life Line program come with a browser to access the Internet with limited capabilities and options such as wallpaper, ring tone and ring back song downloads.

Unfortunately, the free Life Line cell phones only provide limited access to the Assurance Wireless website and account access, as well as other websites outside Assurance. However, the Life Line program free cell phones lack the data capacity only loading a very basic view of webpage links without website images or streaming video, which is all one should expect considering a one talk minute deduction for every 100 KB of data transferred.

The free Assurance Life Line cell phones do not include any type of internal storage with a memory capable of storing only 50 contacts, and up to 100 total text messages in each individual text message thread, but Assurance Wireless offers an android touch screen smartphone upgrade for as little as $50 through Virgin Mobile USA.

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