Features of the Samsung Galaxy S8+


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Samsung released its new flagship phone, the Samsung S8+ in March 2017. New features of the Galaxy S8+ phone include infinity display, a virtual assistant, and a face scanning feature. Below are some of the exciting features of the S8+.

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Features of the Samsung Galaxy S8+
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New and Improved Battery
After experiencing issues, including battery fires, in the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung modified their batteries for the S8 and S8+. They introduced a new eight-step battery safety check and included an improved power-saving function to avoid drain.

Infinity Display
The Galaxy S8+ comes with a 6.2-inch display. The display on the S8+ stretches over the curved edges of the phone, making the screen seem larger without increasing the dimensions of the phone itself.

Bixby Personal Assistant
Following in the footsteps of Google and Amazon, Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby is included in the Galaxy 8+. Bixby can help find photos, set reminders, and cast a video or image to a connected TV.

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