What Are the Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3?


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Some features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 include the Smart Stay, Palm Sweep, Turnover and Direct Call. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched on May 3, 2012 and introduced into the Middle Eastern and European markets on May 29, 2012.

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The Smart Stay feature uses the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to detect the eye movements of the user. When the user looks away from the smart phone, the screen goes dim and switches off after a few minutes or seconds, depending on the screen timeout settings. The Palm Sweep feature allows users to take screen shots by sweeping the edge of their hands across the screen. This feature is suitable for taking multiple screenshots of Internet pages and applications.

The Turnover feature allows users of Samsung Galaxy S3 to mute their phones without touching any button, hence making it suitable for meetings or other places that prohibit noise. To mute the phone when ringing, turn the device over and ensure the screen faces downwards. The Direct Call feature allows users to call a contact by placing the phone to their ear. This feature works when the user is viewing a text message, browsing a contact or checking a missed call.

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