What Features Are Most Reviewed by Cell Phone Users?


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Consumers are most likely to review the battery life, connection quality, camera and task performance of a new cell phone. Many users are also likely to comment on the overall ease of use of a phone, especially regarding setting up a new phone for use with a given service.

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Overall battery life is among the most important features for many consumers when reviewing a cell phone that has become more prominent as larger screens and more powerful processors become commonplace in smartphones. The upswing in mobile data usage accompanying smartphones has made both data connection and voice calling quality a frequent topic of discussion in user reviews for phones.

The ubiquity of cameras in modern cell phones means that many users comment on the quality of a phone's camera even if the phone in question is a simple flip phone. Users of more powerful devices often judge their phones largely on the basis of their performance in demanding applications, such as productivity software or gaming.

Finally, a phone's ease of use is a common point of discussion in user reviews of cell phones, both in regards to a phone's physical and software interface features and in regards to hardware issues, such as batteries or SIM cards, that are difficult to access.

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