What Are Some Features of Registry Winner?

What Are Some Features of Registry Winner?

Registry Winner scans and repairs registry errors, removes Internet browsing history, permanently deletes junk files, and speeds up computer performance. Registry Winner also features a PC Optimizer tool that manages start up programs, software removal and services, and memory performance.

After some use, a computer's registry begins to contain errors. The registry is responsible for most computer settings and software configurations. When registry entries become corrupt, computer performance slows and the computer becomes unstable. Registry Winner completes a diagnostic scan of the computer's registry to identify problems. Once problems are identified, Registry Winner deletes them automatically or displays the errors, allowing the user to decide which errors to remove depending on selected settings.

Although a computer user may delete browsing history, most of the data is merely stored and is retrievable. Registry Winner safeguards user privacy by locating and permanently deleting browsing history. Through utilizing the Evidence Cleaner feature, Registry Winner scans and deletes all information or allows the user to choose which information to delete.

Over time, computers build up junk files that cause performance problems. Empty files, temporary files, duplicate files and files left behind after uninstalling software slow computers down. Registry Winner features a Junk Removal tool that scans for junk files and permanently deletes them. When junk files are removed, computers have more available hard drive space and generally operate quicker.

The PC Optimizer is a set of tools for cleaning and enhancing computer performance. Utilizing the Startup Manager, the user chooses which programs and services run when the computer is turned on. The Uninstall Manager completely removes unwanted software and frees up disk space. The System and Service Optimizers adjust computer settings to free up space and speed up browsing and response times.