What Features Does a Quick Messaging Phone Lack Vs a Smartphone?


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The main features quick messaging phones, also called feature phones, lack compared to a smartphone are an operating system, high processing power and advanced functions. Quick messaging devices offer basic cell phone features, including text messaging, email and Internet access.

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Feature phones are low-end cell phones with a less advanced application program interface; they cannot run native applications found in smartphones. They use the Java ME and BREW platforms for running apps. Some quick messaging devices do not need a carrier data plan.

Manufacturers aim quick messaging phones toward individuals who prefer to use phones with basic functions only, especially text messaging. They ship with a full QWERTY keyboard. On MyRatePlan.com, feature phones have screen sizes ranging from 1.80 to 2.20 inches. They also feature 1.3- to 3.2-megapixel cameras.

In comparison, smartphones offer functions similar to a computer or personal digital assistant. They use an operating system to run different productivity applications, such as the Windows Mobile or Palm OS. They allow users to create and edit Microsoft Office files, browse the Internet and send and receive emails. Smartphones also have a QWERTY keyboard. Some of these phones allow users to have several email accounts and use instant messaging services, such as Yahoo! Messenger.

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