What Are Some Features of a Quad-Core CPU?


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The inherent feature of a quad-core CPU is its ability to do complicated work more quickly than dual- or single-core processors. Typically, this type of processor is better at performing more tasks at the same time and provides the computational resources needed for intensive applications. Virus scans, modern 3-D video games, video editing and graphics programs can run together smoothly.

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Quad-core CPUs, by definition, have more processing cores than single or dual CPUs. When multitasking, the work can be divided between different cores, giving each open application dedicated services. A single complex task can be broken into different parts for each CPU to work on and then reassembled. This provides a faster user experience, according to PCMag.

Most quad-core chips are small and efficient, requiring less power to run and generating less heat than previous chips, according to eBay. The benefits of the quad-core CPU are limited by the ability of the applications to use them. User software must be multi-threaded to take advantage of the quad-core CPU.

As of 2015, the benefits of quad-core processing are being put to use in cellphones, tablets, laptops, graphic processors and desktop computers. According to Computerworld, tablet user experience is greatly enhanced by quad-core CPUs.

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