What Are Some Features of Paint Zoom Platinum?

Paint Zoom Platinum features a one-touch operation, advanced spray technology, a 900-milliliter paint container, a commercial grade motor and an ultra-light and portable construction. The paint sprayer allows users to paint, stain and varnish efficiently without drip or splatter.

The Paint Zoom Platinum edition comes with a paint sprayer, an air cap ring, a nozzle, a viscosity cup and a spray pattern adjuster with three-way dial spray head. The product also includes a paint flow adjuster, a gasket, pick-up tube, a paint container and a hose. The equipment’s industrial strength, commercial grade motor gives 850 watts of spraying power. The three-way dial spray head allows the paint to reach tight corners and angles, while the pinpoint setting targets tight spots. The sprayer also enables wide horizontal and vertical spraying.

Paint Zoom Platinum can paint flat walls and textured surfaces such as brick, stucco and paneling crown molding. With no brushes, rollers and paint trays required, the product significantly reduces the painting time. Users can just pull the trigger of the spray gun and start painting. However, users should operate the paint sprayer in well-ventilated areas free of flammable objects, open flames and debris. In addition, users should store the equipment indoors and prevent exposure to rain.