What Are Some Features of Open Office 3.1?


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Features of OpenOffice 3.1 include improved appearance of charts and drawn objects, improved functionality that allows users to lock files, and the option to overline text using the same options as the underlining functionality, including color and type of line used. Individual elements of OpenOffice 3.1 include features such as highlighting the text using subtle colors and improvements to the option to leave comments in a document, allowing multiple editors to collaborate.

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For improved screen appearance, OpenOffice 3.1 uses the anti-aliasing technique, which also improves the appearance of shapes and objects when overlaid on top of one another. When a user drags an object across the screen, OpenOffice 3.1 uses its shadow instead of the dotted outline from earlier versions to facilitate object placement. In case the file locking feature from the operating system fails, OpenOffice 3.1 uses its own file locking functionality to prevent users from overwriting files accidentally.

For its word processor, Writer, OpenOffice 3.1 introduces a better framework for grammar checker extensions such as LanguageTool, allowing users easy access to these extensions via the Tools menu. Another feature for Writer is the option to specify a new attribute for paragraphs and paragraph styles, allowing them to function as headings regardless of the selected style. Other components of OpenOffice 3.1 received enhancements such as the zoom slider in the status bar and improved sorting functionality.

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