What Are Some Features of the MyFordBenefits Site?

What Are Some Features of the MyFordBenefits Site?

Some of the features of MyFordBenefits site include a login bar, main menu and a navigation bar at the top of the home page. More features are available after opening a personal account.

The navigation bar contains options including Inbox, Documents & Forms, FAQs, and Home. The Contact Us feature helps members to ask questions and obtain responses from the customer care. At the bottom of the site, there is a main menu containing Health & Welfare, Pension, Savings and Personal Information. The Savings option allows for viewing of benefits plans and updating of address details.

MyFordBenefits website contains help links to help understand how different features function. The login feature requires a User ID and PIN code to access more functions on the site. The Login Help button at the bottom of the home page provides information on how to reset a PIN code and recover a User ID.

For first users, the login feature allows for navigation to other pages only after logging in using the Social Security number as the User ID and the 6-digit birth-date as the PIN code. The website contains a link to change the PIN and User ID to enhance information confidentiality.

MyFordBenefits.com contains features that are best accessible using a browser installed with Adobe Flash Player.