What Are Some Features of MP3 Rocket?

Some features of MP3 Rocket include accelerated turbo-charged downloads, availability of four million songs with Creative Commons, compatibility with any mobile device and music player, ability to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and free support, notes the software's official website. MP3 Rocket is free and no registration is required. Customers also have an option to purchase MP3 Rocket Pro to receive additional features.

MP3 Rocket offers downloads and video-to-MP3 or ringtone conversion using a bit rate of at least 256 kb. MP3 Rocket Pro offers ringtones and downloads at 320 kb and videos at 1080p. The application offers its own media player so users can listen to the downloaded files. As of 2015, MP3 Rocket is only available for Windows computers.

MP3 Rocket also features video-to-video conversion, which allows users to convert their videos from one format to another. The software's "Watch TV" feature allows users to stream videos within the program. It also offers several games and an Internet radio.

The application is tested each day and the company provides free, fast support to users. All conversions should be for noncommercial, personal and private use and for space and format shifting purposes. Illegal distribution of copyrighted content is not allowed, notes the MP3 Rocket website.