What Are Some Features of Microsoft Publisher 2010?

What Are Some Features of Microsoft Publisher 2010?

Microsoft Publisher 2010 offers users an improved interface and features such as the ribbon, which helps quickly find the most commonly used commands. It also has the "Backstage," a place that makes managing files fast and easy.

In Microsoft Publisher 2010, Microsoft added the ribbon, a fully-customizable feature that puts the most commonly used commands under different tabs and groups. The ribbon replaces previously used toolbars and menus.

In this version of Publisher, when a user clicks on the "File" tab, they are in the Backstage. The Backstage replaces everything once found on the file menu. The Print command is also located in the Backstage.

Another feature in Publisher 2010 is Building Blocks. Building Blocks are essentially reusable pieces of content that are stored within the system. This content includes things such as calendars, borders and business logos; Building Blocks allows users to create their own content and store it for later use. There are several galleries located within Building Blocks, ranging from Page Parts to Advertisements.

Microsoft gave its Publisher 2010 customers more advanced image control tools. Now, users may crop a photo, move a photo within the crop tool to center it perfectly or add borders, captions and even change the picture's shape.