What Are Some of the Features of Microsoft Office 365?

What Are Some of the Features of Microsoft Office 365?

Some of the features of Microsoft Office 365 include email, calendar, document sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, privacy controls, disaster recovery and cloud connectivity. Microsoft Office 365 is beneficial to companies since it lowers IT operation costs and ensures both employees and the management can collaborate easily to achieve maximum productivity.

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service with multiple office features aimed at making collaborative office operations much simpler. One of the features of the service is email capability that allows for both internal and external communication. The service also has a calendar that automatically updates.

Office desktop apps is another feature that brings together tools, such as Excel, Word, Access and Publisher. These tools can be accessed by any employee regardless of their location. The tools work at the office and any other location with Internet connection.

To share documents or work on a given project with someone at a different location, Microsoft Office 365 has a document sharing and collaboration feature. The feature works on both computers and smartphones.

Instant messaging is another feature that has been integrated to the Microsoft Office 365 service. Not only does it allow people to send instant texts, but it also allows for video conferencing and voice calls.