What Are Some of the Features of the Free McAfee Virus Scanner?

Security Scan Plus is a free application from McAfee that offers firewall protection and scans personal computers and websites for malware, viruses or other threats. The program is available via a free download from the McAfee website.

McAfee Security Scan Plus can check an entire computer in about two minutes, even while users continue their activities. At the end of a scan, the McAfee program offers recommendations for how best to remove suspicious items. Users can customize when they want the program to run.

Security Scan Plus is just one of many McAfee tools designed to provide more advanced virus, malware and other protections. The additional tools generally require an annual subscription fee of $30 to $40 and are also available via download from the McAfee website. McAfee also offers applications that protect against threats encountered while surfing the Web as well as when using mobile devices. McAfee estimated in 2015 that there are 327 new computer threats detected every minute.

McAfee was acquired by Intel Corp. in 2011. It is now part of Intel Security, offering virus protection for consumers, small business and the large enterprise. Intel Security's expertise spans data center, e-mail and network security and data protection.