What Are Some Features of the Mach 3 CNC Software?


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Mach 3 CNC can convert a standard PC to a fully featured six-axis CNC controller while allowing direct import of DXF, BMP, JPG and HPGL files through LazyCam. It has a visual G-code display and generates G-codes via LazyCam or Wizards. It has a fully customizable interface, and its M-codes and macros are customizable using VBScript.

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The six-axis control enables users to monitor the machine thoroughly. LazyCam makes it possible for users to import various types of image files for the device they are controlling. Users can see the G-code that is operating the machine at a particular time using the Visual G-code display.

Users of Mach 3 CNC can achieve additional functionality by generating their own G-codes through LazyCam or wizards without the need to have prewritten G-code files. Free wizards included with Mach 3 include gear cutting, digitizing, holes, slots and keyways, text engraving, standard shapes, and surfacing.

The interface, M-codes and macros of Mach 3 are fully customizable to fit user preferences. It has touch screen ability and a full-screen mode. It has spindle speed controls and multiple relay controls, and users can manually generate a pulse and have a video of the machine display while using Mach 3.

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