What Are Some Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Phone?

What Are Some Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Phone?

The size of the display screen, RAM capacity, external memory limit and connectivity options are some important features to consider when purchasing a phone. A few other features to consider are the operating system and camera.

A large display screen on a phone is ideal for watching movies and playing video games. It is also easier to read and write on large screens. A wide screen with a good resolution enables sharp picture quality. A downside to large screens is that they may not fit in a pocket and can be difficult to operate with one hand.

If the RAM capacity of a phone is high, internal applications load faster and the phone does not lag. A minimum of 512MB or 1GB of RAM is required for smooth operation. If the phone is primarily used to store songs, videos and documents, an external memory limit of 8GB or more is essential. The phone should have external memory slots to serve this purpose.

Connectivity options should include the latest Bluetooth version, with support for accessories such as a Bluetooth headset or dongle. The phone should have 3G networking or 4G LTE, depending on area coverage. It should also accommodate 802.11a/b/g/n networks to support Wi-Fi.

The choice of operating system should be based on ease of use. Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Microsoft Windows are some of the most popular mobile operating systems. A 3MP to 5MP camera with high-definition is essential for clear videos and crisp pictures.