What Are the Features of a LifeProof Case for an IPhone 5c?


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The specific features of LifeProof cases for the iPhone 5c model vary according to different lines, though most offer protection from water, dirt, snow and contact damage, as of 2015. Some models also offer scratch protection for the screen and rear faceplate and additional battery power.

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LifeProof offers two lines of cases for the iPhone 5c model, including the Fre and the Nuud. The Fre includes the signature base protection on many LifeProof products that guards against water damage by creating a full seal around the phone. This seal also prevents dirt, snow and other debris from entering the phone through the jacks or under the screen cover. The case construction also offers shock absorption in the event that the phone falls onto a hard surface. The main unique feature of the Fre case is its screen protector, which fits into the outer casing and protects the phone from scratches and cracks.

The other line of iPhone 5c case is the Nuud, which also uses the same basic case design as the Fre to provide protection from water and drops. However, this case does not feature the screen protector and leaves the front and rear of the phone exposed. Though this model does allow the user to touch the actual screen of the phone, it does not offer any protection from scratches or cracks that result from direct contact to the front and rear plates.

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