What Are Some Features of the LG Shine Phone?

Some of the main features of the LG Shine phone are a 2.0 megapixel camera with video, mobile email, instant messaging, and multimedia messaging service capabilities. It also has Bluetooth capability for music and voice and can support cellular video over a 3G network. The LG Shine is a slider-style cell phone with a keypad and joystick-type navigation.

The LG Shine weighs 4.23 ounces and is about 4 inches tall with a 2.2 inch display. Voice command support, a voice recorder and a one-touch speakerphone are also key features of the phone. The 2.0 megapixel camera is also a camcorder with flash. It includes a microSD card slot so that music and photos can be easily transferred to and from the phone. Basic features of the phone included an alarm clock, calculator, world clock, stopwatch and date finder. The phone is available in black, red, and silver.

The LG Shine was only available from cellphone provider AT&T but had access to AT&T broadband services such as AT&T Cellular Video, AT&T Video Share and AT&T Mobile Music. The LG Shine is a discontinued product as of 2015. While it is no longer available for purchase from LG or AT&T cellular stores, it is still available through external sites such as Amazon.com and eBay.