What Features Does the JW Daily Text App Offer?


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The JW Daily Text app features convenient reading of daily Jehovah's Witnesses text in multiple languages, inclusion of cited sources, daily notifications alongside the text, customizable home screen widgets and text-to-speech support. The app also allows easy switching between downloaded languages and the ability to add personal notes.

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The JW Daily Text app provides offline reading of the daily text from the "Examining the Scriptures" digital publication. It supports daily text reading in all languages for which an ePub version of the publication is available. A daily pop-up dialog displays the day's text, which can be marked as read or flagged to be read later. The daily notification includes the scripture as well as a comment for the day.

The app's home screen widgets can be customized to include a transparent background. The app can also be set to disable the comments and date and to only display the day's scripture. An alarm clock and night mode reading feature have been added to this app. The JW Daily Text app also supports favoriting text, sharing the day's text and redirecting to the daily text on the official Watchtower Online Library. Its text-to-speech support depends on the Android device's TTS engine.

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