What Are Some Features of Jasc Paint Shop Pro?

What Are Some Features of Jasc Paint Shop Pro?

PaintShop Pro is a collection of professional image editing applications that allows the user to add visual effects, manage digital photos, improve clarity and work with layers. However, the collection is no longer has the name Jasc PaintShop Pro as Corel purchased the company.

PaintShop Pro consists of multiple built-in application each of which fulfill a specific purpose. Digital artists can use ON1 Perfect Effects to add dramatic effects through the filter database of PaintShop Pro. In addition, the application allows users to customize the filter parameters, stack multiple layers of filters and fine-tune the final look. ON1 Perfect Effects is only available for 64-bit systems.

To help users manage digital photos, PaintShop Pro includes Corel AfterShot 2. The application can convert and adjust RAW image files, has batch processing capabilities and edit images in non-destructive ways to ensure that the artist does not lose the original images.

Perfectly Clear SE is another application that comes with PaintShop Pro. It enables artists to improve the clarity of photos via its automatic algorithms. Perfectly Clear uses over 15 patented correction methods to improve clarity and allows the user to adjust the exposure and the sharpness values of images.

PaintShop Pro features layers that the user can stack on top of one another. In addition, artists can merge, expand and collapse layers, as well as name them to make it easy to find a specific layer via the search function.

As Corel Corporation purchased Jasc Software in 2004, the company sells the application suite under the Corel PaintShop Pro name. As of January 2016, X8 is the latest version.