What Are Some Features of the IRS2Go App?

What Are Some Features of the IRS2Go App?

The IRS2Go mobile app allows users who qualify to check the status of their tax refunds, receive tax tips and access tax preparation assistance. The app also connects users to IRS social media channels, including Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. The app is available in both Spanish and English.

The status of a tax refund appears on the IRS2Go app about 24 hours after e-filing a return or four weeks after mailing a paper tax return. Information needed to access the refund status on IRS2Go includes the filer's Social Security Number, exact refund amount and filing status. The IRS updates the system that tracks refunds once every 24 hours. This update usually takes place overnight.

The IRS2Go app allows users to search for local sites that provide free tax preparation support. The two programs included are Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly. Taxpayers must meet program guidelines to qualify.

The IRS provides daily tax tips through the IRS2Go app. Users sign up for these tips, which are delivered via email. These tips continue through the tax season.

IRS2Go is available for both iOS and Android devices. As of 2015, the mobile app is available for download through Google Play, the App Store and Amazon Apps.