What Are Some Features of Intel I7 Processors?

Features of the sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processor include Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Iris graphics and overclocking capability. The Intel Core i7 processor supports DDR4 RAM memory technology, allowing systems to utilize up to 64GB of memory at higher transfer speeds with lower power consumption than DDR3 RAM memory technology.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology allows each core of the Core i7 processor to multitask, working on two tasks at the same time to speed up workflow. Up to eight threads can run at the same time. The Intel Core i7 processor also comes with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. Intel Smart Cache intelligently allocates shared cache to each core to reduce latency and improve performance.

The Intel Core i7 processor's graphic features include support for HEVC, VP8 and VP9 graphic technology standards, allowing videos to be delivered in Ultra HD 4k. Intel QuickSync Video technology accelerates most video capabilities such as creating and sharing video in real-time. The Core i7 processor supports the OpenCL 2.0 graphics programming standard and offers native support for the DirectX 12 API.

Hardware-level security features include Intel Software Guard Extensions, Intel Memory Protection Extentions, and Intel Device Protection technology with BIOS Guard 2.0 and Boot Guard. The Intel Core i7 processor also features a fast, secure Advanced Encryption Standard engine with new instructions to drive encryption and Internet security applications.