What Are Some Features of the Instax Mini 8 Camera?


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Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8 camera prints photographs instantly. The camera automatically suggests the best brightness setting for the environment so the user can match the camera's settings to those suggested. The camera's shutter speed is fixed at 1/60 seconds, and the flash always fires. An exposure counter displays the number of pictures remaining on the film; the Instax Mini 8 uses Instax Mini Fujifilm Instant Color Film. The camera is available in seven colors and runs on two AA batteries.

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According to a review on DigitalTrends.com, the Instax Mini 8 doesn't have any focus features; it delivers the best pictures if the subject is no more than 3 feet from the camera. The printed pictures are about the size of credit cards. The review praises the picture quality provided the exposure is right, but notes that with the cost of the film, each picture costs 75 cents.

Another review on DanFinnen.com notes that there is very little distortion in the pictures and that they are sharp right up to the frame's edge. The review recommends the Mini 8 for use at weddings, parties and other events and also praises the build quality. The Instax Mini 8 is available on Amazon.com.

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