What Are Some Features of Horn Cable TV?


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Some features of Horn Cable Television are that it broadcasts in Somali, and it airs 24/7 in Somalia and other African countries. It's also available to view via satellite transmission in Europe, Asia and parts of Australia. This television station was founded in 2003.

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Horn Cable Television, or Horn Cable TV, is a privately owned Somali television station whose programs cover a wide variety of genres, such as news, politics, drama, music and business. Horn Cable TV, often shortened to HCTV, also broadcasts Islamic programs, religious programs and those regarding current affairs. The station takes its name from the Horn of Africa, the countries of which comprises HCTV's largest terrestrial broadcast area.

As of 2015, Horn Cable TV is owned by a Somali-American business man named Farhan Haji Ali and is based in Hargeisa, the capital of the region of Somalia known as Somaliland. Horn Cable TV also has offices in Nairobi, London and Mogadishu, among other cities. HCTV is a member of the National Union of Somali Journalists.

According to the Somali Media Mapping Report, Horn Cable TV is more popular in Somaliland than its two main competitors in the area, Universal TV and the Somali Channel. The station receives its income through advertisements. The Somali Media Mapping Report also notes that HCTV is generally regarded as being neutral and balanced in its coverage of national and international events and is considered a reliable news source.

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