What Are the Features on the Free GasBuddy App?

What Are the Features on the Free GasBuddy App?

The GasBuddy app's free features enable users to find the cheapest gas in their area. Users are able to see, on their phone, which gas stations are near them at a given time, and which ones have the lowest prices. The app is powered by information provided from its users, who are in turn rewarded with prize points towards a giveaway.

The GasBuddy app is available for download from the iTunes app store, as well as Google Play, the Windows Phone store and Blackberry App World.

The GasBuddy app enables users to sort the cheapest gas prices by zip code or by city. The prize for reporting low gas prices is $100 in free gas, and gas prices are only applicable to users in the U.S. and Canada.

The app has 50 million installations and generous reviews. It is considered similar to other free gas price apps like Gas Guru and MapQuest Gas Prices. CNN ranked it as one of the five best apps available for finding cheap gas, but did say that some of the gas prices were outdated, and the user interface was not intuitive.

Other highly ranked gas price apps are Waze, which also charts traffic, and Dash, which provides vehicle information and uses gas prices as a bonus feature.