What Are Some Features of GameChanger Baseball?

GameChanger enables baseball coaches and managers to record a variety of information during games and view helpful stats and graphs. For example, the app will generate spray charts from batting data that is entered.

At the most basic level, GameChanger can be used for scorekeeping. Statistics such as strike percentages and pitches can be generated from pitch count data that is entered. Scorekeeping can also be customized according to various factors such as individual league rules and stat categories.

The app also has the ability to generate advanced statistics. Over 150 stats are tracked in real time. The app also integrates Pitch Smart guidelines to warn coaches when a player is approaching the point of overuse.

Live updates can also be streamed to fans and parents that are using the app. The live gamestream features resemble those offered by major sports coverage sites such as ESPN. Plays are animated in real time, and the app generates a short recap article from game data when each game concludes. The box score is also saved as a PDF and can be emailed to local media.

It is also possible to schedule reminders for practices and game dates as well as announcements that can be sent to users of the app.