What Are Some Features of "Dance Mat Typing"?


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"Dance Mat Typing" features a step-by-step approach to learning how to type on the keyboard using the home-row technique. It separates the lessons into four levels, each of which further divide into three stages. The game makes use of lively songs and cartoon characters to keep kids engaged and entertained.

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"Dance Mat Typing" begins with teaching kids about the letters on the home row of the keyboard and how to place their fingers on these letters. As kids progress through the levels and stages, they learn more letters and symbols on the other keyboard rows. The last stage teaches kids how to type capital letters by using the Shift keys. Certificates are available for printing at the end of each level to show what kids have learned and mastered. Finishing the last level unlocks a typing test that computes for accuracy and speed.

"Dance Mat Typing" encourages kids to learn touch typing, a technique that relies on finding the correct key to press through muscle memory. Kids should refrain from looking at the letters on the keyboard while typing. Using a cardboard box to cover the keyboard helps discourage kids from depending on sight to find the letters. The game only works on computers whose Web browsers support the Flash player plug-in. Speakers are required in order to listen to the songs in the game.

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