What Are Some Features of Collaborize Classroom?

What Are Some Features of Collaborize Classroom?

Features of Collaborize Classroom, a digital teaching platform, include structured discussions, attachment capabilities, results displays, support for multiple groups and automatic reports of student progress. The platform itself is also designed to be easy to use and quickly get started with, as well as password-protected for security.

Collaborize Classroom allows teachers to engage their students in structured online conversations geared towards specific topics and learning outcomes. This key feature includes polls, debates and student-driven projects.

Teachers are also able to attach a variety of teaching resources to the online classroom platform. Supported file types include images, videos, PDFs and text documents. This feature is intended to keep learning fresh and interesting for students, since it affords teachers the ability to contextualize lessons with real-world issues.

As the platform is being used, teachers can easily evaluate the success of its utilization with clear visual charts showing outcomes. The reports feature also streamlines the process of grading students and liaising with school administrators and parents, since class work and participation scores are automatically stored in the system.

Collaborize Classroom's topic library is another key feature. Categorized by subject, it can be accessed and added to by individual educators looking to share lesson plans and assignments with other teachers around the world.