What Are the Features of Clifton Strengthsfinder Test Software?

Clifton Strengthsfinder is a testing software that measures 34 different areas of talent, or "talent themes." As defined by the testing method, talents are a person's natural patterns of behavior and thought. More dominant themes impact a person's thoughts and behavior more strongly. The software allows users to take an assessment to determine their strengths, and it also includes strategies for users to improve the strengths they have.

The Strengthsfinder software comes with both a book and an access code for online features. It also comes with the Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide that helps users apply their dominant talents in increments of one week, one month and one year. The latest version of the software features a customized top-five theme report in addition to a supplement called "50 Ideas for Action."

The Strengthsfinder software gives full descriptions of each of the 34 talent themes, and it includes a user guide that fully explains how the website works and how to take and interpret the assessment. The assessment itself is based on positive psychology and presents the user with 177 items consisting of two self-descriptors. Users have 20 seconds to select the descriptors that best describe them, and when they make selections, the next pairs of descriptors immediately populate.