What Are Some Features of Cheap Netbooks and Laptops?


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Some common features of inexpensive netbooks and laptops include a small screen with a lower resolution, a smaller hard drive, a slower processor speed and less RAM. Some cheap laptops also feature fewer USB ports, low-quality sound cards or older wireless adapters models.

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A small screen is common among less expensive laptops, as it directly correlates to the final cost of the machine. Many small and lower-end models feature screens with the outdated resolution of 1366-by-768 pixels, which don't support HD graphics and result in a grainy and unclear picture compared to laptops with a resolution of 1280-by-720 pixels or greater. The hard drive size and type also influences price, with smaller amounts of storage equating to a cheaper sale price. Laptops with traditional spinning-disc hard drives are also cheaper than models with solid-state drives, which don't have moving components. Although these models typically feature a lower storage amount, the technology allows for faster load times.

Slow processors are also common in cheaper laptops, because they typically result from older processors or chips specifically designed with less power and thus carrying a lower cost. While the amount of RAM present on purchase also factors into price, it is important to consider upgrade possibilities. Many cheap laptops don't support significant memory upgrades, if they support them at all. Some cheap models may also exclude additional perks, such as extra USB ports or SD card readers.

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