What Are Some Features of the Canon P1-DH V-2 Palm Printing Calculator?


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Canon P1-DH V-2 palm printing calculator has features such as a large liquid crystal display, ink roller printer and profit margin and time calculation capabilities. An automatic power-off function, AC/DC power and battery strength indicator are other features.

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A battery strength indicator indicates the charge progress and when it needs a recharge. The LCD display is large and clear with figures that are easily readable. It displays up to 12 digits. The ink roller printer prints a copy of the receipt. It prints in a purple color for both positive and negative numbers at two lines per second. It uses a standard paper roll width (57 millimeters) and has a printing capacity of 12 digits.

The profit margin computation capability allows for a computation of the difference between the sales and the expenses. It has a tax calculation tip functionality with the ability to round up, off and down. The AC/DC power feature comes with an AC adapter for connection purposes. It also has a decimal point system at 0, 2, 3 and a floating position with an Add mode. A user has the ability to change signs in the middle of a computation.

It stores any computation in its memory for retrieval purposes. It has a usable temperature of 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Its weight is 11.6 ounces with dimensions of 4 by 8.1 by 1.9 inches.

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