What Are Some Features of Camtasia Video Editing Software?

Some features of the Camtasia video editing software include screen recording capability, which allows users to capture the entire screen, window or a specific screen area, and integration with the TechSmith Fuse mobile app, which provides an option to automatically transfer photos and videos to be edited in Camtasia. Other features include video customization, one-click sharing, and the option for viewers to access interactive hotspots and use closed captioning.

Video customization features let users import footage from webcam videos in addition to photos and music. The video editing screen uses a streamlined interface through which users can superimpose themselves into a video, access the media asset library and add special effects. By allowing access to multiple video and audio tracks at the same time, Camtasia provides an option to overlay and group separate objects. With the visual effects, the program can draw attention to specific parts of a video via the SmartFocus feature, or hide sensitive information via the blur tool.

The Clip Speed feature enables users to control the length of a video, while the drawing tools let them add video markers. Camtasia also includes an option to animate additional content by scrolling text, making images bounce or adding callouts. Although Camtasia is available for both Windows and OS X platforms, there are differences in recording, sharing and editing features between these versions. For example, the Windows version includes Flash compatibility and the option to add presets, whereas the OS X version includes an option to freeze a region and add title clips.