What Are Features of Boost Cellphones?


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Cellular service provider Boost Mobile sells several different models of phones with different feature sets and capabilities. These phones range from simple flip phones to fully-featured smartphones.

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Boost Mobile offers phones produced by Apple, Samsung, Sharp, LG and HTC as of 2015. These include flagship smartphone models, such as the Samsung Galaxy 5 and iPhone 6. Phones of this kind have powerful processors, large screens and multi-megapixel cameras, making them capable of almost any task that smartphones are suitable for. Some of the tasks these phones are commonly used for include phone calls, Web browsing and recording high-definition video.

Boost Mobile also sells a range of older or entry-level smartphones that are not as powerful as flagship models, such as the older Samsung Galaxy III model and the ZTE Speed. These models offer much of the same functionality as more expensive models, but generally feature less memory, slower processors and smaller screens with fewer pixels. Phones with sliding keyboards, such as the Kyocera Verve, and flip phones, such as the Kyocera Coast, are also available through Boost Mobile. These simple phones are typically used by users who talk or text exclusively and are significantly cheaper than most of Boost Mobile's smartphones.

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