What Are Some Features of the Bernina DesignerPlus Software?


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Bernina DesignerPlus 7 embroidery software features three-dimensional tools and effects, a color wheel and color management and style previews. The software also includes CorelDraw Essentials X6. Some embroidery tools in this software version include PunchWork, StumpWork, Raised Satin, Trapunto and puffy lettering.

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Bernina DesignerPlus allows users to create three-dimensional models of their embroidery designs. In addition to 3-D tools, the software offers a range of 3-D effects for surface embellishments. Users can apply the PunchWork feature to newly created and existing embroidery designs to obtain realistic 3-D effects. Users can also create a felted needle punch in the hoops.

The StumpWork tool can convert two-dimensional embroidery designs into three-dimensional models. With this tool, users can create wearable flip flop designs and add petals to flowers for a natural look. The Color Wheel helps users manage colors and preview their designs in various color combinations. It can also select the best color match from the built-in thread charts.

Trapunto allows users to apply raised satin stitching to the selected areas of their embroidery designs, which results in high-quality embroidered effects. With the Style Preview option, users can add their designs to various articles and generate realistic views, which help evaluate relative proportions. CorelDraw Essentials X6 allows users to access additional graphic design tools.

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