What Features Are Available With a San Diego Gas & Electric Online Account?

An online account with San Diego Gas & Electric allows customers to track energy usage and develop plans to maintain maximum efficiency with their energy. As with most companies, an online account allows customers to view and pay their bills electronically with a credit card or bank account.

An online account with San Diego Gas & Electric is available for both residential and business customers. Either of these customer types can use the energy monitoring, planning, and billing features of the account.

The My Energy overview feature allows customers to see their energy use hour by hour, broken down by each energy type (water, heating and lighting). Additionally, the energy overview allows customers to review not only their energy usage, but that of other properties in their community, allowing them to see how much energy they use in comparison.

Account holders can create a personalized energy plan by completing a survey, which asks some detailed questions about the property (size, occupants and appliances used). The plan provides projections of the property's energy costs in the future, as well as personalized suggestions for reducing energy costs (turning off unnecessary lighting, for instance, or watering the lawn less). The energy plans are differentiated between residential and business customers.