What Features Are Available on the Madden Mobile Service?


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Madden NFL Mobile lets you play Madden on-the-go, a free game that receives continual updates. In Madden NFL Mobile, you can create your own teams from current and former NFL players and take part in live-action mobile football game play in season mode or against local rivals and friends.

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Unique to Madden Mobile are daily challenges and updates. If you have an Internet connection on your mobile device, the game will automatically download updates to change up the way you play. Part of these updates are constant roster and statistical updates during the Football season. However, there are also "challenges" which are released throughout the year, whether or not NFL games are currently being played. These are randomly generated and can ask you to complete any of a large variety of achievements, such as throwing a successful pass to a specific receiver or throwing for a specific amount of yards. Completing these challenges generates rewards within the game such as coins and experience.

Other new additions, such as Wide Receiver Mode, dramatically changes the traditional Madden game play by allowing you to play as a wide receiver in season mode. It also gives you the complete freedom to choose the player's route, the ability to cut and juke against the enemy defense, and call for the ball from the quarterback when you feel you can make a game-winning catch.

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