What Are Features of the Aspen Family Portal?

What Are Features of the Aspen Family Portal?

Aspen Family Portal is a scholastic tool with features such as grade and schedule tracking, family information storage, and communication tools. This tool allows for communication between teachers, parents, students and administrators and provides password-protected access to school-related information from a personal computer.

The Aspen Family Portal grants parents to access student information regarding their children. This information is divided into four categories accessible via the Family, Academics, Groups and Calendar tabs.

Most information is accessible through the Family tab, which contains information regarding exams such as the SAT, daily attendance records and health office visits. This tab provides a general overview of a child's status in his assigned school.

The Academics tab keeps track of school work, including grades, assignments and current class schedules. Teachers can also create quizzes for students to take online via this tool. This tab is useful for monitoring information regarding a child's progress on factors not included in the Family tab.

The Groups tab displays current group activities, such as classes, extracurricular activities and sports teams. It also lists the members of the reported groups and the groups' scheduled activities.

The Calendar tab features a customizable calendar that lists all major school events. It allows for color-coding to remind students of due assignments and important upcoming activities.