What Are the Features of the AR Student App by Renaissance Place?


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The AR Student App by Renaissance Place includes features such as using the VoiceOver technology on iPad and iPhone devices and gestures whereby students can swipe to locate accessible items and select the desired content. The Accelerated Reader app runs on a platform hosted by Renaissance Place.

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The use of VoiceOver technology allows students with visual impairments to participate in quizzes without outside assistance. The app includes an advanced search functionality that lets student search for specific books by using queries related to the title, author’s name or quiz number. It also provides an option to view and print reports that provide feedback to students immediately upon completing a quiz.

As long as the school allows it, teachers can use the app to analyze the scores from quizzes and track the reading progress and goals for individual students. For users who aren’t subscribed to the Accelerated Reader with Renaissance Place service, the app provides access to a free demo. By using this app, teachers can assess the reading levels of their students through four different quiz types, including reading practice, vocabulary practice, literacy skills and textbook quizzes, and adapt the type of reading activities to the reading level of individual students. As of 2015, the app is available for free through the Apple App Store and iTunes.

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