What Are Some Features of the Apple Watch?


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The Apple Watch features the ability to run a variety of iOS apps directly from the device, replicating many of the functions of iPhones and iPads. Users can make Apple Pay payments, send messages and make calls using the watch, and it also includes health and fitness tracking features.

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What Are Some Features of the Apple Watch?
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The front of the watch serves as a touch screen, allowing users to select and run apps. The watch also includes a digital crown, which can be used to navigate applications and make selections. Many familiar iOS apps are included, with displays scaled down to fit the Apple Watch's more compact display.

On the reverse of the watch is a heart rate sensor that, when placed directly against the skin, allows the device's fitness programs to keep track of the user's heart beats per minute. Coupled with the GPS and accelerometer, this allows the Apple Watch to track physical activity and monitor workouts, giving instant feedback on fitness goals.

While the Apple Watch has a host of new features, these come at a price. The small screen can make interacting with programs difficult, and in many cases communication is limited to pre-determined comments or emojis. Also, many of the applications make heavy demands on the watch's battery, requiring users to regularly recharge the device in order to keep connected.

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