What Are Some Features of Adobe Lightroom 6?


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Adobe Lightroom 6 takes all the defining features of Lightroom 5, such as nondestructive editing, radial gradient and smart previews, and slaps on powerful new extras such as built-in support for creating high-dynamic-range (HDR) and panoramic images. Adobe also included improvements to the software that significantly boost photo processing performance.

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While creating HDR and panoramic images is nothing new, Adobe improves on the image creation process by saving the output as a lossless DNG file. The new HDR Merge and Panorama Merge tools in Lightroom 6 are relatively basic; however, because the DNG format preserves the image data from the original RAW file and stores photo processing information as metadata, editing and refining images at a later stage is easier and produces a higher quality end result.

Another photo editing tool new to the Lightroom 6 title is Filter Brush, which makes it easier to apply or limit graduated or radial filters to specific areas on an image. Much like using brushes in Adobe Photoshop, Filter Brush lets photo editors edit filter masks by directly brushing them onto the image.

Lightroom 6 also has the ability to recognize faces in photographs. Aimed at streamlining image organization, the feature automates the otherwise tedious process of tagging images with the names of photographed individuals across large sets of photographs for easy sorting.

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