How Do You Fax Something?

To send a fax as of 2014, collect the documents you want to fax, create a cover sheet, then put the documents and cover sheet into the machine. Dial the recipient's fax number, and press Send.

  1. Create a cover sheet

    Fill out a cover sheet with the name of the recipient and a fax number, your name and fax number, a summary of the documents and the number of pages you are sending, including the cover sheet. Put the documents you want to fax in the order you want the recipient to receive them, with the cover sheet on top.

  2. Turn the fax machine on

    With the fax machine plugged in, press the On button. Make sure that there are no documents in the feeder tray and that the tray is clear of dust and debris. Have the recipient's fax number in front of you.

  3. Feed the documents into the machine

    Place the documents into the feeder tray of the fax machine so that the cover sheet is facing up.

  4. Send the fax

    Dial the recipient's fax number, including the area code, using the keypad on the machine. Follow the instructions on the keypad on how to enter the fax number if you are using an office fax machine. When you are ready, push the Send or Fax button.