What Are Some Fatboy Linear Amplifier Models?

Examples of Fatboy linear amplifier models include the 1x2290 Trucker, 2x2879 Trucker, the 1x2879, and the 2x4 6-pill 900 Watt radio linear amplifiers. These amplifiers differ in amperage draw, output and application.

The Fatboy 1 x 2290 Trucker - 200 watt radio linear amplifier has a 40 - 85 amp draw and a power output of 120 - 200 watts. It has a 1 x 2 foot base and a built in driver. SSB delay and Pre-amp for this amplifier are available at an extra charge.

The Fatboy 2 x 2879 400 watt amplifier has similar features and accessories as the Fatboy 1 x 2290 trucker. However it differs slightly in that it has a higher amperage draw and more stable output. You can reduce its power by turning down the radio volume.

The Fatboy 2 x 4, 6 - pill radio linear amplifier works for 4-watt output radios. It has an adjustable RF-output, a cooling fan and a quick connect plug for the cables.