What Are Some FAQs Regarding Time Warner Phone Problems?


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There are a variety of FAQs regarding Time Warner Cable's phone service, however the most popular ones cover setting up and retrieving voicemail. Other popular questions explain how to use call forwarding, review call history and add numbers to blocked caller lists.

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Time Warner Cable is the second largest telecommunications company in the United States, and it is the fifth largest provider of phone service. The company utilizes VoIP, or voice over IP, technology to provide phone service to its customers. With this technology, data from voice calls is sent via the Internet rather than over traditional phone lines, therefore it is necessary to also have an Internet or data connection to utilize the service.

Features such as unlimited long distance and international calling, which were previously costly with traditional landline phone service, are offered at a much more affordable rate with VoiP service. However, phone service hinges on the reliability of the customer's Internet connection. If the Internet connection is unreliable, in most cases the phone service will be too. As a result, the cause and resolution of a problem with phone service can sometimes be tricky to pin down and an extensive FAQ page becomes an essential troubleshooting tool.

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