How Do You Factory Reset a Toshiba Laptop?

Use the Windows installation disc to reset your Toshiba laptop. Alternatively, use the built-in factory software recovery image to reset your Toshiba laptop to its original settings.

  1. Turn off the computer

    Click the Start button, and select the Shut Down option from the Start Menu. Once the computer turns off, unplug any mice, keyboards, external hard drives or other peripherals from the USB ports.

  2. Plug in the laptop

    Insert the AC adapter into the power port on your computer, and plug the other end into the wall outlet. Make sure you have a secure connection.

  3. Boot into recovery mode

    Press and hold the zero key on your keyboard, and turn on the computer. Release the key once the recovery warning screen appears. Select your operating system from the options if the recovery mode gives you a choice.

  4. Start the restore process

    A warning dialog should appear once you select your operating system. Click Yes to continue the restore process. When the Toshiba Recovery Wizard appears, select the Recovery of Factory Software option or the appropriate option for your needs.

  5. Restart the laptop

    Follow the onscreen instructions during the restore process. Restart the laptop as necessary, and reinstall your applications once the recovery has completed.