How Do You Factory Reset an ASUS Laptop?

How Do You Factory Reset an ASUS Laptop?

To factory reset an ASUS laptop, go into the Settings menu and select the Erase and Reinstall option from the General menu or the Update menu. This option wipes the hard drive and reinstalls Windows.

Run through the following steps to restore an ASUS laptop running Windows 8 to factory settings.

    Go into the Settings menu

    The Settings menu includes options to change or erase current PC settings. Within the Settings menu, choose the option to change the PC settings.

  1. Reinstall Windows
  2. In Windows 8, users can erase the hard drive and reinstall Windows through the General Settings menu. In Windows 8.1, they can access this option through the update menu.

  3. Select the drives to reset
  4. Select which drives to reset. The system offers options for resetting the drives where Windows is installed or resetting all drives on the computer. It also offers the option to remove only personal files or to wipe the drive fully clean.

  5. Follow the prompts
  6. Follow the remaining prompts to continue and confirm the factory reset.

Doing a factory reset in Windows 10 is very similar. Users can access the recovery option in the update and security menu in Settings. They can then follow the prompts to choose their reset options.

Users running an ASUS laptop with Windows 7 cannot reset the computer through the operating system. However, they can reinstall the system from a disk or source an ASUS Recovery Partition or AI Recovery disk.