What Are Factory Refurbished Tablets?

What Are Factory Refurbished Tablets?

Refurbished tablets are tablet computers that have been returned to the manufacturer or authorized repair center and been repackaged for resale after being repaired and tested. Retailers normally offer refurbished tablets for sale to the public at substantial discounts.

The retailer may have returned the tablet to the manufacturer for numerous reasons. A customer may have returned an unopened and unused tablet and the retailer can no longer sell it as new. The tablet or its package may have some cosmetic damage that entitled the original buyer to a refund. The tablet may have a defect, a missing component, or been used as a demonstration or display model and was returned for repair.

In some cases, the manufacturer may have identified a product flaw and recalled the tablet to replace a component to avoid a general product recall or damage to its reputation. Regardless of the reason for return, a factory-refurbished tablet has passed inspections and checks to ensure it functions properly. Some refurbished tablets undergo more rigorous testing than products sold as new.

There are potential risks associated with purchasing refurbished tablets. Some retailers sell refurbished tablets on an “as is” basis and may not accept returns if the device does not function properly. Some sellers do not reveal that a tablet is refurnished and the customer may not realize it until he tries to register the product.

Some manufacturers offer shorter warranty terms for refurbished tablet, such as 30 or 90 days instead of the traditional one-year period. Some manufacturers, such as Apple and Dell, honor the standard warranty terms of factory refurbished tablets. Consumers can minimize the risk of purchasing a refurbished tablet by purchasing trusted brands from trusted retailers.