What Are the Factory Default Settings of a Netgear Home Router?


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The majority of Netgear routers default to an Internet Protocol address of, a default administrator name of "admin" and a default password of "password" or "1234" for some older models. However, many newer Netgear routers ship from the factory with default Wi-Fi passwords and network names that differ from router to router. In most cases, the default values for the network name and Wi-Fi password are located on a sticker on the bottom of the router itself.

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It is important to distinguish between the administrator name and password and the Wi-Fi network name and password when troubleshooting or setting up a Netgear router. Using the administrator name and password allows access to the router's internal settings, while the Wi-Fi name and password are used to authenticate any device that utilizes the router's wireless network.

If the network name and password are not listed on the router or were changed from the default, logging into the router itself using the administrator information allows a user to find or reset the Wi-Fi network name and password. Logging into the router's administrative tools is possible by using a Web browser to navigate to the router's current IP address or to the www.routerlogin.net alias for the router used by most Netgear devices.

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